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This post is not educational, at least not in the traditional vein of other posts I tend to write, which are more about my field or lived experiences. Before we begin, a quick disclaimer:

I am not a financial professional. Anything I say is my opinion. Yes, I have been investing for a while and also learned a little something something about trading along the way, but again, this is not advice.

OK cool, I feel better.

So, many of us have been following the markets recently, especially regarding what has happened with $GME (as well as other stocks such…

Today, I got a little reflective on social media after watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad (second time around) and analyzing the exact moment Walter broke bad. In my opinion, it was in Season 1, when he blew up Tuco’s office. That episode, he also shaved his head and named himself Heisenberg. It was a pretty big episode, but he broke bad here IMO because the maniacal laugh at the end showed the audience that he had really embraced his inner villain. Blowing up Tuco’s office was not so much about the money as it was about revenge and…

Twelve years ago, I was roughly a year into my journey as a doc student. At the time, I began working at a French Immersion school. There I met several colleagues from a variety of countries and backgrounds, some who would eventually become my “work fam” and lifelong friends. There was one colleague in particular, with whom I had a cordial-from-a-distance working relationship.

This colleague was a bit notorious for having a short fuse, and carried this reputation among staff and students alike. The students intentionally used to rile him up by calling him “Mr. …

While pulling up to the gas pump, I found myself humming the background harmony to a song I recorded in the early 2010s with some friends. I decided to listen to it. Today, though, it hit different…

Music has been my outlet since childhood, although I haven’t had much time to devote to it lately. Whenever emotions get too strong for better or worse, speech becomes difficult, and I am often better able to communicate and make sense of things through writing. Often, that takes the form of songs which I later set to music (although more recently, it…

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Facebook post

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but a conversation this morning is inspiring me to crank it out. This blog goes out to a friend who has been an inspiration over the years, helping me redefine the way I see myself. Hopefully I can give some of that good energy back somehow!

Last year, I went to go see the movie, Us, with my significant other. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should…I mean, it wasn’t Get Out, but it was still dope. Anyway, there’s a scene in the movie where a little girl wanders…

2.23 miles on the bike in honor of Ahmaud Arbery ✅

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All of a sudden, it hit me…the symbolism of doing this on my bike…and it brought up a lot.

Yes, it’s no secret that I’ve wanted a Peloton since the second I’ve gotten to test drive one; yet, I could never justify the splurge when I had multiple gym memberships. That is, until I hit my breaking point. Exercise has been part of my daily routine for years, mostly for mental health benefits. Something felt off every time I missed a day.

But I had the gym. And…

And other posi-training conversations with myself during the pandemic

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COVID-19: It is the best of people; it is the worst of people.

Not to get all Dickensonian on y’all, but we are living in some crazy times right now. It sorta feels like some kind of parallel universe we stumbled into, because stuff like this has never happened before. At least not to me. Not in this reality. Although, #realtalk…#privilegecheck. While COVID-19 might be new, there have been many deadly viruses that have unfortunately been in existence in many areas of the world, some of which in the not-so-distant…

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Current level of beast mode.

Today, I was in line at the coffee shop, making small talk with the barista about winter break. “I’m excited. Only six more wake-ups for me,” I remarked. “Oh man, but I don’t want it to be over. That part sucks.”

TF? Break hasn’t even started yet, and here I am, lamenting the end. Who does that? Apparently, me.

I had a similar moment of clarity this morning, after coming from a surprisingly good work out session. You see, it was surprisingly good because I almost didn’t go. This morning, I woke up at 3 am with all the…

Ok…for the record, I am soooooo trying harder to be more of a human being and less of a human branding. I’m not going to write again about how I need to write more. I’m not going to write again about my writer’s block when it comes to talking about everything. I’m not going to write again about the good old days when I would speak my mind more.

What I will write again is about how my friends continue to inspire me. What I will write again is about how I will try to be more open.

I never…

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I don’t know these people, but they were on Pexels and I needed a high-quality graphic. They look friendly.

Admittedly, I’m not a list person…lists are finite and exclusive, and inevitably, someone is omitted. For this reason, I am not going to shoutout people by name in this post, although I definitely have them in mind. They may see themselves in these descriptions, though :) Also, these are not exclusive, as the same person can hypothetically fill more than one of these roles.

Friends, how many of us have them?

Despite (and quite possibly because of) the fact that I am ridiculously introverted, I value my friendships deeply…this goes for all of my relationships, regardless of whether…

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